Pastor Laurie Idahosa

Rev. Mrs Laurie Whetstone- Idahosa was born in Wilmington, Delaware, USA in a Pastor's home. She married Bishop F.E. Benson Idahosa in 2002. They have been blessed with four sons, Benson (2007, deceased) Feb Jr. (2008), Nathaniel (2011) and Judah (2013).

She has travelled to over 40 countries with renowned ministries. She graduated from the School of Biblical Studies and the School of Ministerial Training in New Castle, DE and received her Bachelor's in Christian Ministry from Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary in Maryland, USA. She also trained as a missionary, an Emergency Medical Technician, First Aid and CPR instructor and a Disaster Relief Responder. She is a gifted event manager, and real estate investor and has owned several successful businesses. She is trilingual in Spanish, Pidgin and English. Since 2003, Rev. Laurie is currently the Director of Campus Life Division and a member of Executive Management at Benson Idahosa University.

Along with her husband, she founded “Big Ben Children’s Hospital” Benin City in 2008 and in 2013, she pioneered a thriving nursery and elementary school, Nathan American Academy (Benin City).She is an executive member of Christian Women Fellowship Int’l. (CWFI) is also an active board member of the Faith Mediplex Hospital (Benin City) and serves as the Senior Pastor of Church of God Mission, Church Unusual (Benin City).

Most recently, she has spearheaded the campaign to raise relief materials and funds for the support of Internally Displaced Children. She also works with other organizations to bring relief to other refugee camps throughout the country. She is the author of a life-transforming blog found at and has contributed articles to numerous publications. She has authored a book titled “Every Woman’s Journey,” published in 2014.