General Questions

  • What is the full meaning of WAFBEC?
    West Africa Faith Believers’ Convention
  • What is WAFBEC about?
    WAFBEC is a faith Conference born in worship and intercession designed to address eternal issues and also things that are going on in time. It is prophetic, relevant and an impartation of grace. We pray, we teach and we prophesy.The emphasis will be on God’s Word and the move of the Spirit. There will be 70 Sessions teaching God’s Word. The format will be teaching conferences in the morning where every aspect of the truth will be taught, followed by evening meetings where the ministration of the Word will be combined with the move of the Holy Spirit.
  • What year was WAFBEC established?
    WAFBEC was established in 2013
  • What is the date for WAFBEC 2023?
    January 2nd – January 8th, 2023.
  • Is WAFBEC 2023 free and is pre-registration required to attend?
    Attendance at WAFBEC is completely free and registration is not required to attend.
  • Would medical aid be available?
    First Aid service is available for immediate medical needs.
  • How can I follow the events on Social Media?
    Instagram: @wafbec Twitter: @wafbec Youtube: wafbec Facebook: West African Faith Believers Convention
  • What are the times for the sessions
    (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) 9:00 A.M., 1:00 P.M. and 5:30 P.M.
  • How do I get WAFBEC messages?
    Audio CDs and Mp3 messages for WAFBEC is available at our Media stand during the convention or via the media library.
  • Can I get private prayers done during the conference?
    Yes you can, There is a Prayer room that has been set up for the purpose of meditating and private prayer sessions.
  • Will I be able to get things to buy at WAFBEC?
    Food would be available for purchase at the food court throughout the convention
  • How can I share my WAFBEC testimony?
    You can send your WAFBEC testimonies to testimonies@wafbec.org.
  • Would parking space be available?
    Parking Spaces has been provided for within and around the Church premises.
  • Where is the venue for WAFBEC 2023?
    The Covenant Place, beside National Arts Theatre. Iganmu, Lagos. The nearest bus-stop to the venue is Costain Bus/stop.
  • Would the conference be live-streamed?
    Yes, it will be. WAFBEC is streamed live on Facebook, Twitter and on YouTube.