A. I.

Job Offer

Good morning Pastor,

I came to wafbec 2019 a shattered and confused person, i had no job even after getting my master's, it was terrible. But i came into that wafbec with a determined heart that my story must change, then during the last day of wafbec 2019, you said "for some people your testimony will not happen immediately but in about 3 months time, that doesn't mean that your faith is too little but God has kept something great for you so do not give up" i held unto that.

After the wafbec i decided to work for my Dad because he has a big company and by febuary he paid me just 35k for one month's work, pastor i was sad and fustrated all over again because i put in good work, and i was paid the lowest in the whole company, while i was complaining and lamenting i heard a voice that just whispered to me "can you give me thanks for this little" it was hard but i obeyed and offered thanks for what i was given.

Then on march 15 2019, i got an email from one of the UN agencies that someone referred me for a certain job that i should start immediately, pastor i was dumbfounded no interview no nothing and my salary was 443,000 per month. I started the job with joy and tears of happiness i never failed to thank God for that job anytime it crosses my mind to do so.

By September 2019 the same year, i went for an interview and i got a higher position that was overwhelming for me, people thought i would never get it because i don't have the number of years of experience required, but God showed up and gave me that job, and my salary is now 4times the former salary, God has been helping me because to do excellent work that suparsses the expectations of my supervisors, not only that, God has been sending people to speak for me in important rooms even people i do not know, this happened all in the space of one year.

Everyone around me even my own parents and siblings are still dumbfounded that this little girl can accelerate quickly, till today i am still shocked that my life took a 360 degree turn in less than a year, i have come to return all the glory to God almighty.

Thank you.
D. O.

Healed during impartation session with Rev. Efe Obuke

Good Day,

I'm here in South Africa, and due to work schedule couldn't stream the live session(s). About a week ago, I noticed what seems like a dislocation in my right upper arm. I prayed with my wife on it and believe my healing is secured. I have been on divine healing for the past 15yrs and believed the same God that has delivered me from several symptoms would for sure do it yet again. I did have relieve, but eagerly wait for the complete wholeness. I also understood from scriptures through the revelation taught in some of Pastor Poju's teaching in the past years that the method used before might not necessarily be the same that God will use for a current situation.

I watched the afternoon session ministered by Apostle Selman where he mentioned about grace abounding towards us. I receive a revelation about Gods revelation on how He will fulfil the promise he gave my family about compressing 10-20 yrs of normal effort into a single year (a great breakthrough delivered which I might not be able to share in this post for purpose of making it brief). I also received understanding regarding how to appropriate required grace in different areas of life. Unbeknownst to me, all these were also preparing my heart for what is to come after. After the ministration, I then tried to catch up with morning session as well.

God did something to me by flashing a scene in the morning session to me where a lady was lying down in front (probably not too far from Pastor Toyin). I checked and realize it was during Rev's session. I will only realize the purpose later. By this time, I just finished a remote meeting and was wrapping up some few tasks however continued my wotk in the dining area to still be able to hear the teaching from the sitting room. Immediately Rev called out people to lay hands upon (as instructed), I remembered the image and quickly moved to the sitting room to watch. During the impartation service, Rev (Dr) Obuke mentioned a case where a right upper arm was mentioned to be healed. I immediately did as commanded (even though I was watching a recorded session) and while I move my arm, in less than 5sec, my arm was completed healed after a week of uncomfortable strain.

Praise be to God for confirming the word of His servant and for performing the counsel of His messenger.

Kind Regards!
M. A.

My Deliverer

Good afternoon,

I want to appreciate God for sending a word on every matter I brought to HIM at WAFBEC 2020 and also for watching my back at work while I was in the conference.

The external auditors to the organization I work had requested for some documents which were due for submission on Wednesday 8th which I eventually sent that night after the conference.

During the morning session on Thursday I was contacted that one of the files could not open so after the morning session I went to get my laptop to resend.

I had attached the file, check to make sure it was opening and was about clicking send when I had a strong urge to check the file again. I obeyed and to my shock discovered it was a wrong file. While working on that particular report new information came in that necessitated my reworking it and thus the updated file was renamed however what I had sent to the auditor was the erroneous one.

God ensured the file did not open and also ensured I discovered the error by the help of the Holyspirit. So thankful I am not starting the year with stories that touch the heart.

Indeed HE that watches over me does not slumber nor sleep. Glory to His name.

A. A.

Job Offer

Good day,

I encouraged a close friend of mine, who had been waiting on God for a job for about 7/8 months after she got back from England, that she needed to attend WAFBEC this year physically and she agreed.

I had sent her a particular job opening on November 28 last year and after I encouraged her, she reluctantly applied and after going through the pre-interview process Dec 4-6, which was quite rigorous and required a lot of writing, she got an invitation for a physical interview on December 11, 2019 but did not feel she did well. She did not hear from them afterwards and as she said, she had forgotten about it because she knew she did not impress them. I just kept declaring and speaking forth that job.

She stays on the island so we decided for her to move to my mum's house in Surulere on Thursday, January 2. We started WAFBEC together and would come back home to pray and declare words.

Very early on Sunday morning, she rushed to the room where I was sleeping and said she had a dream that a snake bit her right hand, I woke up so angry (like how dare satan want to bring this kind of distraction during WAFBEC?!) in my spirit and I read out Acts 28:3-6 and we prayed together.

After service, she told me she was led to start a personal fast and we discussed about how she will study, pray and I also sent her some songs.

She got a call on Monday, January 6, telling her she got the job. They even apologised for contacting her late. She picked up her Offer Letter on Tuesday, January 7 and she resumes work Monday, January 13, to the Glory of God!

Great organisation, very reputable; good enough renumeration; travel opportunities etc.

Infact, she interviewed for an officer role with lower pay but they changed the role to a supervisory one and of cos with higher pay!

Praise God forever!

A. A.


Dear Sir,

I want to share my testimony of how God healed me of body pains.

It had been an ongoing condition for about 13 years. I get this spasmodic pain that lasts for minutes any time am ovulating and this lasts till my monthly cycle. The pain wakes me up at night and because it’s random and the length of days involved, I just treat the symptom externally, hot water bottle, menthol massages, because it also affected my lower back and at times my legs. The other symptoms are migraine and fever that last for days nonstop, this comes on during my cycle. I sleep with it and wake up with it for a minimum of 2 days every month.

The combination of these symptoms which although not officially diagnosed have been told by a doctor was probably due to hormonal imbalance. And because it had affected my monthly cycle, rather than the regular 27 or 28 days, I get a 24 day cycle so there just seemed to be no respite. I had learnt to live with it, because I didn’t want any hormonal treatments because of the potential side effects and going on pain medication means I will be on it for more than half of the month every month, I didn’t want that so I only took medication for the migraine when it got really bad or had to do something I couldn’t defer.

I remember I was in pain, the sporadic one, during the crossover service although it was for a few minutes; while we were counting down and entering into the new year I was trying my best not to let those around me know. Entering into the new year that way isn’t the most ideal and I remember just talking to God about it, nothing formal, just that if he could take it away, I would be grateful.

The pain went on till, WAFBEC, i attended the Friday and Saturday sessions and didn’t realize anything had happened, it was while getting ready for Service on Sunday morning that I realized that the throughout Saturday I wasn’t in any pain and I had eaten a lot of trigger food, carbs and Soda, and should be in pain.

Sir, since then the pain had gone in spite of me eating and drinking as much sugar and carbs to see if it will return. Also my cycle delayed and came at 27 days rather than the inconvenient 24 days, this hasn’t happened in a long time and there was no migraine. It came, was uneventful and went.

I thank God for healing me of this condition even though I didn’t specifically ask or pray about it.
A. F.

I got a Job

I want to thank God for his goodness in my life. I have been looking for a job for more than a year. I was a Researcher in a university in England but I had to move back to Nigeria in. I spent months being depressed and I lost hope. I was still applying for jobs and attending interviews even though I was receiving rejections.

I attended the first two days of WAFBEC 2020 and my faith was renewed. To God be the glory, I was offered a job in January 2020 during WAFBEC. I want to to thank God Almighty for this opportunity, all glory belongs to him. His love is real and it never fails, no matter what we go through.

Thank you.
P. A.

Financial Turn Around

Glory to God! I want to thank God for using this meeting wafbec 2020 to turn my financial circumstances around. During one of the evening sessions while worship was going on. The leading worship minister that evening sang a chorus "Amazing God, Amazing God you do mind

blowing things, Amazing God you do mind blowing things Amazing God". As I sang that to the Lord. The Spirit said to me that's your song of the year. At this time my finances were no where.

I was squatting things weren't looking good at all. But I held on to that Word. Bishop Francis Wale Oke also Prophesied over us that evening. As 2020 progressed with allthat happened I thought to myself what has been amazing because the year started challenging all over the world.

But I kept singing the song. The miracle began from the lockdown. Opportunities started springing up. To my amazement I'm ending2020 as a 7 digit earner. God is indeed a miracle worker. Praise God.
B. A.

Change of Job during WAFBEC 2020

Praise the Lord, I was believing God for a change of Job since Dec.2018 as minister Dunsin Oyekan sang" Omen won ya" during the Wafbec program saying the meaning was God has done it and also said God wants us to sing a new song tonight and he sang your goodness looks good on me, I believed and tapped into the song for my testimony.
I received my change of Job letter before the end of Jan.2020 and resumed work 17th Feb. 2020.

Praise the Lord.
I. O.

My WAFBEC 2020 Testimony

I am not a member of the Covenant Nation but I have attended WAFBEC from the beginning and every year since then. I have received a lot of blessings from God through this conference but the one for me that is the most impactful was in the very first WAFBEC.

I remember when I watched the TV advertisement for the programme. I was home, no work and I just thought to myself, “I can attend this programme, I’m not doing anything currently and I would definitely learn something from the teachings”. That was all the expectation I had, it’s a Christian conference, I’m born again and I have the time, that was all the thought I gave to it.

A little background, I was experiencing spiritual dryness at this time from falling into sin and thought that there was no way I could be forgiven by God. I believed my sin was unique all by itself and there was no one who I had seen evidence of in the bible that committed this sin and was forgiven. This bothered my thoughts and translated into my spiritual life. I didn’t think I was worth anything good happening to me, that I was going to live a substandard life. Worship, prayer and bible reading times left me empty unlike my earlier experiences as a Christian. So when the WAFBEC advertisement came on, I thought okay, I’d try this, maybe, just maybe there might be something there.

So I began the conference, it was going good. My plan was to attend just the morning and afternoon sessions leaving out the evening sessions. I followed my plan for 2 days and then ran into a friend on the 3rd day and during one of the breaks we were talking about how wonderful the programme had been and I mentioned I was not attending the evening sessions and she looked horrified and said I was missing out a lot. She pleaded with me to make sure to attend it that it was worth the wait. I promised her I would from the next day. All I can say is thank God for planting her at the conference and making us run into one another because the first evening session I attended was a blessing, and I made sure to attend the whole day from then on.

On one of the morning sessions close to the end of the conference, Rev. Scott Webb was ministering and while he was, the Holy Spirit ministered to me in the sweetest ways. He gave me an example of someone in the bible who God loved and committed the same sin I did and was forgiven. I felt such a relief after I heard His voice, I was lighter and free, I cried and laughed at the same time. The message from Rev. Webb was not about sin or forgiveness but that was when I received the word. What God began with this ministration, He concluded on the Holy Ghost service on Friday with Rev. Webb again. I was so overwhelmed by His presence that night and left a different person.

I had no idea how much had changed that night until I was at my church for the Sunday service following the conference. As usual, service begins with worship and without even realising it, I was worshipping God in Spirit just like before, it felt like I was literally seeing Heaven and was in His presence. The worship session was almost over before I even realised what had happened. God had completely restored me to Himself again, my heart was filled with joy. Till date, worship is always a beautiful experience for me and I am so grateful for that.

At the next WAFBEC, I was still out of work and made plans to attend but I felt sick in the days leading to it. It was a funny kind of sickness and to date I am not sure what it was. No fever, no indication of any usual symptoms, just weakness of the body, it felt like the littlest thing I did, took up all of my strength. So I decided I would not attend. When the same friend I ran into the previous year did not see me at the conference, she called to ask and I told her I was sick and broke and couldn’t attend. She pressured me again and said I should try my best and that she would help me with some cash. I couldn’t refuse her and so the next day I picked myself up with all the strength I could muster and made it to the conference. I met her and we enjoyed the service together. On my way home that very day I realised at some point I wasn’t weak again, strength had come into my body and no prayers or ministrations was done that day for the sick, I didn’t even pray for healing. God healed me while I was just sitting and listening to His word and partaking in praise and worship. I didn’t feel the weakness again for the rest of the programme and even afterwards.

I began working in June 2014 but made it a duty to keep attending WAFBEC yearly, I would take my leave to coincide with the programme dates. Sometimes I couldn’t take leave for all the days but would make sure I am physically present at the last 2 or 3 days and then purchase the messages for all I missed. I just concluded my Masters outside the country which I prayed for and confessed during the 2019 conference. Dr. Cindy Trimm had asked us to do an exercise where we wrote down 5 things we wanted to achieve that year and go round and partner with someone and pray about each item. Going for my Masters was one of them and in September 2019, I left to begin the programme.

This and many more are the blessings I have received from God through the WAFBEC conference, I joined online in 2020 and plan to do so as well come January 2021. God bless you for all that you do and the team that works tirelessly with you to bring us this God sent programme.